Digital Commerce has come of age

Digital commerce is how business gets done. The old tropes, what we once called ecommerce or online, and even stalwarts such as the “internet booking engine” indicate legacy thinking; the channel to the consumer is digitally enabled, the consumer is always connected. As such, how we present, manage and message the consumer has fundamentally changed. According … Continued

Travel suppliers as buyers

I often field questions and comments from friends and family about my job and what it’s like working for a global company engaged in helping airlines and travel providers alike. And as Head of Airline Retail for Datalex, I do have incredible opportunities to travel, as well as to experience first-hand what our software can do, … Continued

Datalex: Accessibility for all

Working with the National Council for Blind in Ireland and accessibility expert Joshue O Connor at InterAccess, here at Datalex we have been busy enhancing our accessibility offering. As the December website accessibility compliance deadline approaches many airlines are still asking what it means and how they will be impacted. As procurers of accessible technologies, … Continued

Airlines Are A Cloud

Streaming video, digital merchandizing and in-flight Wi-Fi. As technology marches on, airlines are being expected not just to connect the world but also to keep their travelers linked to the world. And it’s not just the airplanes themselves, all the other airline public touch points are now almost all electronic systems that interact with a wide … Continued

A challenging landscape for LCCs in China

West Air and China United Airlines officially announced on 29th March 2015 their transformation into low cost carriers (LCC). This results in a total of six LCCs in China, since direction was given by CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) in December 2013 to encourage the growth of LCCs in the country. These include Spring … Continued

No Waitlists Permitted

Travel retailers should consider not only their social media footprint when bringing these new travelers onboard, but they should also focus on redefining the now.

NDC: The paradigm must succeed, and why

NDC: the new distribution capability. The oft discussed and rarely understood new trend in airline distribution promises to present significant changes to how airlines address direct distribution. Much has been made of the issues of privacy, disintermediation, cartels, agendas, etc. After all, the airline distribution discussion has been a circular affair, with great leaps in distribution capabilities aligned with … Continued

Loyalty and Reward

As airlines continue to flex their retailing muscles we are seeing a clear demarcation between ‘us’ and ‘them’ carriers.   In traditional retail, this looks like a retail/warehouse (Costco) club member versus a premium retail outlet (Saks) Prestige Shopper. The latter gets rewarded by better service, exclusive gifts, or maybe even a personal shopper. As the … Continued