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Case Study JetBlue

JetBlue selected Datalex as the core commerce framework to enable offer and order management for consistent, connected and differentiated retail experiences across all sales channels. JetBlue had a vision for a branded fares retail experience which would offer customers a choice to purchase tickets from three branded fares: Blue, Blue Plus, and Blue Flex.

JetBlue leveraged the Datalex offer management and dynamic pricing functionality to simplify fare policies and dynamically configure branded fare offers. These offers were tailored to meet the specific needs of customers and optimized to support redemption and trip management features.

JetBlue have a structure built for dynamically pricing a differentiated product that provides customers choice based on what they value most such as checked bags, TrueBlue bonus points or the flexibility to adjust travel plans. JetBlue will achieve a $200 million incremental revenue benefit from Fare Options in 2016, one year ahead of its original forecast.