Unlock the Potential of Travel Retail

Datalex Direct is for airlines​ who want to be Digital Retailers. It is an innovative, customer-centric digital commerce product for travel retailing via direct channels​ including airline IBEs. It allows flexibility and customisation to meet the needs of each airline while permitting rich & differentiated content management, dynamic offers, seamless order management and digital payments. Airlines can take full control of offers & orders to reach customers directly in a more contextual, relevant, and personalised way to drive and maximise revenue optimisation.​



We offer more than 350 unique and configurable capabilities to ensure that airlines can meet distribution business objectives and maximise revenues for shareholders.


Datalex delivers a suitable and effective airline e-commerce retailing system that eliminates constraints imposed by legacy airline distribution systems, empowering airlines to explore and benefit from a whole new retailing opportunity.


We provide omnichannel ecommerce, maintaining consistency in product offering across all direct distribution channels and driving dynamically-created contextual merchandising to ensure brand loyalty.


Datalex Direct Drives your ancillary sales through personalised delivery of offers at regular touchpoints throughout the shopping and booking flow.


This ‘Me’ focus is attained by positioning relevant offers throughout the customer’s full journey cycle from pre to post travel.

What do you get with Datalex Direct

Datalex, with over 35 years industry experience, abstracts and manages the old world of airline distribution, and its legacy offer capabilities, with customer-centric offer optimisation techniques, bringing you into the new age of retailing.

Real-Time Retail Control

Datalex Direct leverages the Digital Configurator which provides full retail control to the airline of the rule data needed to manage fare brands, ancillary products and services. Airline business users can easily and quickly load and manage products and services, along with configuring rich content, without the need for IT intervention.

Core Capabilities

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Our offer Search capability is content agnostic and can source content from multiple data sources. The results are then optimised using modern retailing capabilities. The offer Search returns both Air and non-air products, contextualizes the results and presents the most relevant offers to customer.  


Datalex Direct offers the ability to price fares using our ATPCO compliant Capability. This also  includes non-air products for optional services, taxes, fees, and charges.


Through the use of our Inspire capability we offer the ability to precompute offers. This allows for support of 330 day calendar searches as well as other unique capability such as budget and affinity search as well as a fare watcher capability that notifies customers when a fare drops below a user-specified threshold.

Promote rapidly to market

Our promotions capability is designed to allow business users manage 130 criteria on which to build your discounted offers. Promotions can be applied and validated at any step of the sales flow, supporting inventoried offers, certificates and individualised offers.

your sales

Datalex Direct offers you the ability to segment, micro segment and personalise offers to your customers. This facilitates contextual and personalised offers to specific customer groups. This capability enables sorting and filtering of priced offers based on a persona calculation, travel preferences, customer loyalty status and historical behaviour.

Dynamic Profile Management

You can build a single profile view of your customers from first-hand or third-party data, enabling the complete enrichment of your customer data as a foundation of offer personalisation.

Profit from Shopping cart

Datalex Direct offers the capability to create, modify and delete shopping carts and wish lists. It also allows for the ability to share these wish lists and shopping carts with friends and family on social media. This capability allows for true omni channel retailing.

Transition from PNR to Order

The power of our order management module permits you to not only book, pay and ticket an offer but also cancel and refund, rebook (full and partial itinerary) with automatic calculation of any due penalties.

Be proactive

We can detect and notify customers of any disruption caused by irregular operations and provide an automated rebooking capability to take the stress away from your travellers before they are even aware of the disruption.

Tailored payment experience

We support a range of secure payment methods including standard payment types such as credit card, as well as vouchers, subscriptions, and loyalty payments. We are also European Union PSD2-compliant for customer authentication.

Easy capability

All product capabilities are exposed externally via our open API which contains over 200 different services. This means you can easily adapt the system to match your business needs and objectives, enabling a gradual transition to retailing by building capability over time.

Drive demand for your airline with Inspire

Inspire and Convert with Flight Search and Recommendations at Speed

Boost your airline's conversion rates at each step at the research and booking stage of the digital customer journey via Inspire.

Datalex' quick to integrate solution will help your airline increase direct bookings via fast, accurate and relevant fare searches without the costly charges.

Turn lookers into bookers in real time with dynamically created fare options.


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