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Datalex Direct, with Datalex integrated IBE, is an end-to-end digital commerce solution for all airline direct channels and all other digital touchpoints and direct sales channels from mobile, to kiosk, call-centre UI, and so on. It combines the most advanced and comprehensive Offer and Order Management with in-depth customer insights to deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale, with agility and speed to market. Offering customers a digital retail experience they want and expect – fast and frictionless – with the right content at the right time.

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Offer Management
Offering customers a digital retail experience they want and expect

True Omnichannel

Datalex Directs powers true omnichannel retailing.

Retail First, Digital First, Market Leading

Lead the way in Digital Retail and stand apart in the Airline Marketplace.

Sophisticated Offer Management

Empowering Airlines with Greater Offer Control, Enriching the Customer Experience with Superior Offers.

Offer Sourcing

Advanced Offer Search.

Offer Inspiration

Grow Conversion with Relevant Flight Search via Inspire.

Offer Optimisation

Optimise the offer using a number of intelligent capabilities, such as Persona, which optimises the offer based on the context and persona data.

Offer Presentation

Independent, Scalable and Flexible Open REST API Supporting End-to-End Offer and Order Management Capabilities

Offer Control

Flexibility and Configurability for Unique Direct Channels that Reflects the Airline Brand

Datalex Direct

Datalex Direct includes an advanced Internet Booking Engine, a modern e-commerce retailing layer which powers sophisticated online distribution,
fueling a differentiated direct strategy.

With market-leading IBE technology, Datalex Direct ensures airlines provide a modern digital retail experience including a highly personalised and intelligent booking experience that drives increased revenues.  

The Datalex Direct IBE e-commerce retailing layer ensures that airlines deliver a superior direct distribution strategy that keeps pace with an ever-evolving digital travel landscape.

Order Management
Unlock the Benefits of the Entire Airline Retailing Ecosystem

Complete Order

Order Creation, Order Payment and Order Fulfilment.


View Order

Order accessible from
any channel.


Enhance Order

Customers can enhance their order by adding additional ancillaries after the original order is created and fulfilled by the airline.

Change Order

Order Rebook for Air, Air Ancillaries and Non-Air and/or Third-Party Ancillaries.

Cancel and Refund Order

Reduces the dependency on call centres and allows customers to cancel directly via the airline direct channel.

Order Notifications & Management of Irregularities

This capability ensures that customers and sellers / agencies get notified in case of an irregular operation.

What do you get with Datalex Direct

Datalex, with over 35 years industry experience, abstracts and manages the old world of airline distribution, and its legacy offer capabilities, with customer-centric offer optimisation techniques, bringing you into the new age of retailing.

Real-Time Retail Control

Datalex Direct leverages the Digital Configurator which provides full retail control to the airline of the rule data needed to manage fare brands, ancillary products and services. Airline business users can easily and quickly load and manage products and services, along with configuring rich content, without the need for IT intervention.

Drive demand for your airline with Inspire

Inspire and Convert with Flight Search and Recommendations at Speed

Boost your airline's conversion rates at each step at the research and booking stage of the digital customer journey via Inspire.

Datalex' quick to integrate solution will help your airline increase direct bookings via fast, accurate and relevant fare searches without the costly charges.

Turn lookers into bookers in real time with dynamically created fare options.

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