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Digital Commerce For Travel Retail
Datalex Offer Management
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Datalex Marketplace Management
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Datalex Offer Management Offer Management

Datalex Offer Management Animation
Datalex Offer Management Animation
Datalex Offer Management Animation

The platform Offer and pricing management capability enables sophisticated merchandizing and personalization features to configure accurate pricing, availability and sales content for fares, limitless ancillary/optional products and services (bags, seats, lounge, in-flight meals and many more). It includes an extensive array of non-air ancillary offerings (car hire, flights, hotels, travel insurance, ground transportation, tours & attractions and many more).

Control all product content in one place, including products syndicated from multiple sources. Our platform is also integrated with a wide variety of airline loyalty programs.

Airline Products


Air and ancillary inventory sources.

Supplier Products Pricing and Catalog


Partner supplier inventory sources: e.g. hotel, transportation, insurance, duty free.

Contextual Merchandizing


Data-driven dynamic merchandizing: offer the right product or service at the right time.

Segmentation & Personalization

Segmentation & Personalization

Grouping customers together according to identifiable characteristics (age, geography, gender or purchase behavior).

Trip Management


A 360-degree view and management of the entire traveler journey.

"Jetblue Airways is pleased to extend its successful partnership with Datalex. We will continue to innovate and extend our digital travel retail offer and service using the Datalex Platform."

Michael Stromer
VP Tech Products, JetBlue Airways

Read the JetBlue case study below
or watch the Datalex JetBlue Vacations video.

 Order Management

The platform order management capability enables key sets of capabilities for all trip, pre-trip and post-trip operations and a record of all offers and purchases at all touchpoints. This provides the travel retailer with the control and flexibility to add any product or service at any time, thereby abstracting from the constraints of the traditional airline systems (PNR).

Datalex has Level 3 IATA NDC Certification (International Air Transport Association), is an IATA ONE Order strategic partner, and is an active member of IATA’s NDC working group.

Datalex Order Management Animation
Datalex Order Management Animation

Control The Order

Order Create and Orchestration

Order create and orchestration e.g pre-book.

Omni Channel Order Payment

Omni Channel Order Payment

Payment enablement, authentication, authorization, capture, split payments, fraud check.

Omni Channel Order Fulfilment

Omni Channel Order Fulfillment

Check-in, PNR retrieval, rebooking, order resync, update error handling, issuance, notifications and queuing.

Order Policy Management


Comprehensive policy management for all products and policy management retrieval from external sources.

Partner Settlement


Financial reporting, invoicing, receipt management, notifications and confirmation.

Financial ERP System Integration

Financial ERP System Integration

Seamless integration with multiple ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle financials.

Cancel and Refund

and Refund

Cancel and refund air, non-air and 3rd party products.

Involuntary Handling


Efficient handling of involuntary ticket changes, automated notifications and waitlist bookings.

Read our Digital Commerce Platform data sheet.

Marketplace Management Marketplace Management

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Marketplace Management
Marketplace Management
Marketplace Management
Partner Travel Suppliers
Airline Inventory
Web / Mobile / B2B Channels / Call Centre / Inflight / Airport
Developers / Users / Apps

Partner Settlement

  • Product & Content Configuration
  • CMS, External Catalog Orchestration – Retail Products
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Developer Portal and API Framework to support Developers and UX
  • Analytics, Reporting

Omni Channel

  • Omni Channel API/REST Services + UI SDK
  • Distribution API Rest Services - UI SDK
  • Supplier API Orchestration - External Pricing and Catalog Sourcing
  • Airline System Orchestration - PPS, ERP, Revenue Management 
  • Retail Operations Console

Payment Management Payment Management

The platform's payments management capability enables a tailored, frictionless and uninterrupted payments experience across all sales channels. A rich suite of modular payment options increases conversions while reducing complexity and costs.

Payment Provider Network

Payment Provider Network

Global payment network and support for all major forms of payment: credit, debit & alternate methods
(e.g. Apple Pay, PayPal).

Secure 3D

+ 3D Secure

Support for full payment options including redirect and 3D secure.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty Point Redemption

Miles & Money

Payment/redemption using loyalty points and or miles.

Virutal currencies

Virtual Currencies & Credits

Fulfillment process to accept virtual rewards, service disruption
e-vouchers, residual value/stored credit,
e-voucher, promotional


Pre-Pay &
Subscription Payments

Ticket Booklets; vouchers –
gift cards – subscription products.

Digital Wallet


Consolidation of reward credits
into a single currency.

Credit Bank B2B Commerce Partners

Credit Bank B2B Commerce Partners

Credit management functionality for travel agency partners.

Payments Administration


Configure parameters for virtual currencies, pre-pay, subscriptions, credit management.

Financial Reporting Console and APIs

Financial reporting Console and APIs

Credit account management administration and configuration.

Our partnership with Datalex will enable us leverage new platform capabilities,
accelerate and enhance offer and order management across all sales channels,
as we realise our ambition to be the leading value carrier on the North Atlantic.

Rachel Izzard
CFO, Aer Lingus


Platform capabilities: products

Products enabled by our Platform Capabilities.

NDC Product Page


NDC enabled offer & order management for air and ancillary products and services, omni channel.

Loyalty Product Page


An omni channel platform for complete reward and redemption of any retail and travel domain product and service.

Digital Payments Product Page


Virtual currencies for subscription, prepay & credit management.

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