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Critical to the success of travel retail is a tailored, frictionless and uninterrupted payments experience across all sales channels. Demand for new payment methods continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Some customers prefer instalments, to split payments, use cash, direct debit, pre- or post-pay, or use a multitude of alternate methods such as e-wallets.

Through a rich suite of modular payment management capabilities, the Datalex Digital Commerce Platform is proven to increase revenues and customer experience, while reducing complexity and costs. It delivers US$20 billion in global revenue to airlines each year, supporting an extensive network of payment providers and methods across markets. The platform’s agile and secure processing capabilities are fully integrated into the offer and order management flow.

 Trends & Future Perspectives

Datalex Virtual Currencies
Datalex Virtual Currencies

Download our Virtual Currencies Infographic

The forecast is that 59% of total bookings will be made through direct channels by 2020. Are your digital payments methods ready for this? Download our infographic on Virtual Currencies below.

Values of Datalex Digital Payments


Own the payment.


Payment is being disrupted.


Payment is a new driver of loyalty.


Datalex Digital Payments Solution

The Datalex platform supports all major forms of payment, ensuring that our customers can drive revenues and reduce payment costs.

Using Datalex’s payments capabilities, airline retailers can manage their customers’ payment needs and deliver more personalized services such as loyalty rewards, customized payment options and targeted subscription offers.

Payment Provider Network

Payment Provider Network

Global payment network and support for all major forms of payment: Credit, debit & alternate methods
(e.g. Apple Pay, PayPal).

Secure 3D

+ 3D Secure

Support for full payment options including redirect and 3DSecure.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty Point Redemption

Miles & Money

Payment /redemption using loyalty points and or miles.

Virutal currencies

Virtual Currencies & Credits

Fulfillment process to accept virtual rewards, service disruption
e-vouchers, residual value/stored credit,
e-voucher, promotional


Pre-Pay &
Subscription Payments

Ticket Booklets; vouchers –
gift cards – subscription products.

Digital Wallet


Consolidation of reward credits
into a single currency.

Credit Bank B2B Commerce Partners

Credit Bank B2B Commerce Partners

Credit management functionality for travel agency partners.

Payments Administration


Configure parameters for virtual currencies, pre-pay, subscriptions, credit management.

Financial Reporting Console and APIs

Financial reporting Console and APIs

Credit account management administration and configuration.


Digital Payments DatasheetDownload our Digital Payments 
Datasheet below.

We think there is a better way to treat recovery, as a vehicle to drive repeat business and give the airline a second chance at winning their loyalty. Let’s treat customer recovery as a ‘value voucher’ that can be treated as forms of payments and can be automated in the same way the airline automates calls-to-action for fare promotions. In addition to the value vouchers, airlines can deepen engagement with trusted customers to deliver new product categories around the subscription economy. This develops a selected tier of the airline's audience to engage a new type of loyalty, a loyalty where committed, up-front spend infers new benefits.

Kamal Middya
Product Line Manager, Datalex


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