How should travel giants revolutionize themselves to reach new heights, and how should startups break through in the competitive market? Over 1000 leaders in the global travel industry will attend the 2017 TravelDaily Conference, “Breaking through in a new era”, to be held on Sept. 13-14 in Shanghai.

Travel companies in China are vying for overseas supply resources as the nation’s outbound tourism sector grows rapidly. The travel industry is being revolutionized, driven by technological advancement and reinforcement that enhance in the connections between online and offline, domestic and overseas travel companies, and companies and consumers. The travel industry is embarking on a new era. Following major acquisitions and mergers in the business, travel firms are increasingly focusing on user experience and efficiency improvement brought about by innovative technologies. Technology applications and development of VR, AI, robotics and others are on the rise in the integration and innovation of global tourism.
The TravelDaily Conference will discuss these developments.