Datalex NDC

NDC Offer and Order Management is an integral part of the Datalex Digital Commerce Platform. By leveraging the capabilities of the Platform, travel retailers are assured of full NDC functional coverage to control and optimize offers and provide a consistent customer experience across all sales channels.   

Benefits of Datalex NDC

Increase Revenue Datalex NDC
Increase Revenue

Optimize and Dynamically Price/Merchandise Offers, Promotions and Discounts - Air & Ancillary Products and Services across B2B channels for Revenue Gain.

Reduce Costs Datalex NDC
Reduce Costs

Simplified Fare Filing & More Efficient Search drives significant cost savings through reduced search volume.

Compete And Differentiate Datalex NDC
Compete and Differentiate

Optimize and Differentiate the Offer and Customer Service consistently across all channels.

Tailor And Optimize Datalex NDC
Tailor & Optimize

Unified Offer and Order Management ensures one single source of customer truth with a consistent view of customer profile and order.

Omni Channel Retail Datalex
Omni Channel Retail

Provide a consistent and connected retail experience across all channels and touchpoints – expand sales channels.

 Our Vision

Sinéad O’Sullivan (Customer Owner, Datalex) and Malachi Faughnan (CIO, Datalex) discuss the drive behind getting IATA Level 4 NDC certification and the new business values this adds for our customers below.


Datalex NDC Solution

The Datalex Digital Commerce Platform has been designed around the concept of unified offer and order management across all channels. Travel retail customers use our platform to provide an omni channel customer experience, to control the offer across channels and to manage a marketplace of partner suppliers and distributors.

NDC offer and order management is an integral part of the global platform solution and includes integration with a large number of supplier sources across all travel domains. Enabling the ability to dynamically orchestrate Offer creation and Order management between any number of participants.

Datalex Offer Management

Offer Management

  • Air + Ancillary Product & Pricing Management
  • Supplier – Product & Pricing Management
  • Optimization & Contextual Merchandising
  • Trip Management
  • Dynamic Customer Profiling, Segmentation

Order Management

  • Omni Channel Order Create, Order Pay, Order Fulfill
  • Cancel & refund, Reprice, Rebook
  • Order Orchestration
  • Financial Systems
  • Partner Settlement
  • Disruption Management - IROPs

Architecture Datalex NDC


  • Independent to maintain / upgrade
  • Easy to be replaced by any other technology (RESTful)
  • Completely Decouple the business from the interface
Datalex Open Platform API Ecosystem

Real-Time Retail Control

Datalex NDC leverages the Digital Configurator which provides full retail control to the airline of the rule data needed to manage fare brands, ancillary products and services. Airline business users can easily and quickly load and manage products and services, along with configuring rich content, without the need for IT intervention.


DatasheetDownload our NDC 
Datasheet below.

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