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Our product combines unified Offer and Order Management
with customer insights to deliver a differentiated and
connected omni-channel customer experience.


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Offer & Pricing Management

Sophisticated merchandising and personalization features mean our Offer Management component allows you to promote, bundle and tailor a multitude of travel products across all channels and touchpoints. Our platform is also integrated with a wide variety of airline loyalty programs.

Our airline pricing system, together with our Product Management component, can be used to dynamically configure pricing, availability and sales content for fares, limitless ancillary products and an extensive array of non-air ancillary offerings.

Order Management

A central hub for pre-trip, during-trip and post-trip operations.

Our Order Management component supports agile omni-channel shopping, fulfillment and trip management services allowing you to maintain one single view of the customer throughout their journey.

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The connected traveler may shop online, manage the trip on mobile, purchase an upgrade at the kiosk or connect with a call center. They demand contextual and relevant offers at each point of interaction.

We offer a suite of B2C and B2B applications or an intelligent API developer platform to support all point-of-sale operations. Our unified offer and order management features allow you to interact with consumers in a consistent manner across every device and every sales channel.


The Digital Commerce platform supports an extensive network of payment providers and methods across markets with agile and secure processing capabilities which are fully integrated into the offer and order management flow.

Support for all major global payment service providers, fraud management and other payment-related solutions ensure our customers can drive revenues and reduce payment costs.

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Technology & Architecture

Our highly modular and unified commerce architecture exposes all underlying functionality through an intelligent API platform.

We set the standard for digital travel commerce by offering an open “API First” strategy which enables omni-channel commerce, along with supplier systems integration and abstraction. We also have a flexible deployment model – hosted or onsite, public/private/hybrid cloud.


The Datalex Digital Commerce Platform has been designed around the concept of unified offer and order management across all channels.

The NDC offer and order management is an integral part of the global platform solution and includes Integration with a large number of supplier sources across all travel domains.

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Loyalty Commerce

The Datalex Loyalty Commerce Platform enables a wealth of opportunity to drive true customer loyalty, boost engagement and increase ancillary revenue.

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