Fundamental to the Datalex Commerce Platform is the order management software component. This is the customer hub for all pre-trip, during-trip and post-trip operations and a record of all offers and purchases at all touch points. This ensures one single view of the customer throughout their travel retail experience.

Unlike legacy single domain systems, the reservation structure was designed as a retail system for travel. Components from all travel domains are stored and managed in a common consistent way with the ability to link each reservation component dynamically to multiple host systems. A common set of reservation web services support agile shopping, booking and payment features as well as extensive payment handling and trip management features.

Give your customers flexible, omni-channel fulfillment and trip management options while effectively managing the interaction across all channels and throughout the customer journey.


The trip management component provides extensive manage booking capability as a valuable self-service to travelers, reducing the cost of servicing and providing an opportunity to re-target tailored offerings.

Trip management component features include, change, cancel and refund, reserve & hold, pre-pay baggage & seat selection, retargeting of travel products and services (e.g. meals, Wi-Fi, destination services), and flexible IROPs management (irregular operations).

Trip management also supports a consistent trip management service for reservations made on external third party systems.

Critical to the success of travel retail is a tailored, frictionless and uninterrupted payments experience across all channels.  The Datalex Digital Commerce Platform delivers US$20 billion in annual global revenue to airlines each year through a rich suite of modular payment management capabilities.

The Digital Commerce Platform supports an extensive network of payment providers and methods across markets with agile and secure processing capabilities which are fully integrated into the offer and order management flow.

Support for all major global payment service providers, fraud management and other payment-related solutions ensure our customers can drive revenues and reduce payment costs.

Demand for new payment methods continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Some customers prefer to pay in installments, to split payments or to use cash-based methods, direct debit, alternate methods, e-wallets, pre-pay, post pay, etc.  Airline retailers seek to manage these payment needs and to deliver more personalized services such as loyalty rewards, customized payment options and targeted subscription offers.

The Datalex Digital Commerce Platform provides access to an extensive and modular payment capability, proven to increase revenues and customer experience while reducing complexity and costs.

Our Latest Release: Digital Payments

We are pleased to announce a new Virtual Currency Payments Suite which support the creation and management of virtual currencies. Airline virtual currencies provide flexible tools to drive customer loyalty and repeat business. Virtual currencies – or airline funded accounts – can be consumed and utilized via the Datalex Platform as actual currency. The Datalex Platform supports virtual currencies for:

  • Virtual Rewards –   flexible reward opportunities:
    • the ability to transform loyalty into real currency, allowing loyalty balances to be used in small denominations across all types of airline products. A rule-driven loyalty conversion allows airlines to differentiate the value of loyalty based on the product purchased.
  • Digital Vouchers – customer service vouchers and residual value vouchers:
    • Customer recovery vouchers -reducing offline issuance and redemption costs.
    • Residual value vouchers –capture customer refunds and hold them as a digital voucher for future purchases.
    • Loyalty vouchers – the capability to issue digital vouchers for loyalty promotions, e.g. free upgraded seat.
  • E-Bank Credit Management
    • B2B credit accounts – lines of credit and prepay accounts.
    • Commercial credit account management for trade partners (agencies, corporate accounts)

To read more, click here to download Atmosphere Research’s report ‘Payments: Airlines’ Under-Appreciated, Under-Leveraged Asset’, sponsored by Datalex.