Make sure you ask vendors the following important questions
when signing / renewing a long-term PSS and IBE contract:


The Airline Guide to Choosing a New IBE



Will I be a partner of influence?

Will I have the opportunity to contribute to the strategic roadmap?

Don't be a small fish in a big sea!



How is the product architected?

Does it give me the flexibility in the future to plug in innovations that don’t exist yet?

The Airline Guide to Choosing a New IBE

The Airline Guide to Choosing a New IBE



Can all retail capabilities be plugged into all of my customer channels?

Will my customers enjoy a true omni-channel experience?



Is the eCommerce product cloud-agnostic?

Can I choose where it will be hosted?

The Airline Guide to Choosing a New IBE

The Airline Guide to Choosing a New IBE includes:

6 Important Questions To Ask

What About Your Customer, What Do They Want?

Datalex Direct | IBE Overview

Is your current IBE maximising your revenue potential?

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Datalex Direct

A full Offer & Order Management system for air 
and ancillary products, with the latest digital retailing capabilities.

Inspire shared experiences by recommending products to customers, then letting them share their wishlists and shopping carts with friends to book.

Enable shopping and booking of standalone ancillaries, including third-party products, to drive high-margin revenue.

Call multiple product sources in a single offer request, then orchestrate the responses to provide the customer with the most relevant product, at the optimal price at the exact moment they want it.

Quickly change your offers in response to market demands through the Digital Configurator, a simple tool that is used to change products, prices and promotions, in production, in nanoseconds, without needing support from IT. 

Source new revenue streams by adding unlimited ancillary products to the Datalex Product Catalog, or import existing offline catalogs to sell at more touchpoints, such as duty free. 

Cloud-hosted for the most reliable and scalable

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