Drive Revenue with Datalex Merchandiser

Datalex Merchandiser covers all retailing touchpoints and points of sale, enabling airlines to deploy merchandising strategies across any channel, generating millions in ancillary revenue and optimising traveller engagement at any point in the customer journey.


Omni-Channel Merchandising

Offer creativity and personalisation,
speed-to-market, and extended development tool capabilities

Create tailored product and service offers to enable dynamic retailing across multiple sales channels – add changes
in real-time

Datalex Merchandiser supports a wide variety of ancillary product and ancillary product sources.

Provides a powerful Product Catalogue combining ancillary products filed through ATPCO Optional Services (car, hotel, insurance, etc.) and external airline specific catalogues, such as Duty Free.

Inventory module supports off-PSS management of inventory controlled ancillary products like gourmet meals.

Enables airline business users to customise a merchandising offer including: market, seasonality, traveller ID, promo/discount, flight status, corporation, etc.


What do you get with Datalex Merchandiser

Datalex Merchandiser is an airline-controlled merchandising product that allows the business users of airlines to create contextualised product and service offers across multiple sales channels – direct and indirect.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • Supports airlines transitioning from Merchandisers to best-in-class Retailers
  • Linearly and economically scalable
  • High performant AWS hosted infrastructure
  • Future-proof, PSS-agnostic functionality and connectivity is unparalleled

Fastest Path to Revenue

  • Drive revenue at every stage of the customer journey
  • Reap the benefits of merchandised powered solutions
  • PSS agnostic technology – future-proof for your needs

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