Unlock New Revenues Beyond the Seat with Datalex Merchandiser

Connect, Engage and Monetise at every touchpoint with rich, customer-centric merchandising.

Datalex Merchandiser enables airlines to deploy intelligent merchandising strategies across any channel and every touchpoint, generating high-value ancillary revenue and optimising traveller engagement at every point in their journey.

Connecting customers with content that matches their need when they need it, engaging them with a superior, personalised experience and monetising content across the travel lifecycle.

Datalex Merchandiser enables an airline to act like a true, reactive retailer. With no code and no limits, airlines can now flex to create new ancillaries at a moment’s notice.  

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About Datalex Merchandiser - The Faster Path to Complete Retailing

Datalex Merchandiser is an airline-controlled merchandising product that allows the business users of airlines to create contextualised product and service offers across multiple sales channels – direct and indirect.

Real-Time Retail Control for Faster Response in Market

Powered by the Datalex Digital Configurator, Datalex Merchandiser brings game-changing offer control and unrivalled merchandising flexibility. With an extremely intuitive and easy to use interface, business users can directly configure merchandising rules in nanoseconds across all channels, without any IT support. It empowers airline business users to directly manage and quickly change their ancillary and pricing strategy in response to customer demand, competition and external market factors. Enabling a faster response in market than ever before.

Why Datalex Merchandiser

Reactive Retailing

Datalex Merchandiser enables an airline to act like a true, reactive retailer.

With no code and no limits, airlines can now flex to create new ancillaries at a moment’s notice.

Superior Personalisation for Deeper Customer Engagement

Convert purchasing ‘micro-moments’ into revenue with contextualised, personalised offers via Datalex Persona. Real-time, contextual, and personalised interactions powered by Datalex Persona combine to increase ancillary conversions and increase engagement.

Sophisticated Ancillary Merchandising including Standalone and Third-Party Merchandising

  • Unparalled Flexibility of Standalone Product Merchandising
    Datalex Merchandiser provides comprehensive access to standalone products enabling airlines to become leading retailers for any travel-related product. This includes the standalone sale of products even if the product has no direct link to a flight offer. Ancillaries can be offered as standalone products or as part of a product bundle. Ancillaries can also be exclusive to a bundle to promote upsell.
  • Comprehensive Third-Party Merchandising
    Datalex Merchandiser also extends to third-party product merchandising and supports connections to multiple third-party systems to get price and availability offers for car hire, accommodation, travel insurance, ground transportation, parking, activities/attractions etc.

Inventory module

Datalex Merchandiser includes an inventory management module that supports off-PSS management of inventory controlled ancillary products like gourmet meals. The Merchandiser Inventory Module is highly configurable to meet the inventory tracking parameters for various products.

High-Velocity Time to Market

Datalex Merchandiser has a fast implementation time of 30 days (for Level 1) ensuring low implementation cost and speed to market. Datalex Merchandiser supports a range of hosting and integration models (including airline hosting options). It can be quickly integrated with any airline PSS or NDC solution.

Powerful Product Catalogue for Limitless Merchandising Opportunities Across Travel’s ‘Long Tail’

Datalex Merchandiser provides one powerful product catalogue where airlines can define and configure all types of ancillaries. This includes the Datalex Product Catalogue, ATPCO Optional Services and Third Party or External Product Catalogues that Datalex imports, such as Duty-Free catalogues for example. This powerful product catalogue enables airlines to merchandise a vast amount of rich content throughout the end-to-end travel lifecycle.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

- Linearly and economically scalable
- High performant AWS hosted infrastructure

Fastest Path to Revenue

- Future-proof, PSS-agnostic functionality and connectivity is unparalleled

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