Enhanced Retailing Capabilities Across All Channels with Datalex NDC

Datalex NDC is a market-leading NDC product which offers airlines full NDC offer and order management capabilities to control, optimise and differentiate offers and to enable a consistent customer experience across all sales channels​. 
Datalex NDC enables airlines to dynamically orchestrate offer creation and order management between any number of agency participants and driving airlines forward on the path to truly modern retailing for the travel industry. 

Significant cost-savings and untapped revenue opportunities are there for the taking in the NDC world. With advanced products like Datalex NDC, airlines can kickstart competitive differentiation.


NDC is more important to our airline customers than ever, and the data backs that up with 42% of all passenger bookings globally were sold via indirect channels in 2021. NDC is now seen as a key enabler of distribution and an important cost-saving exercise, while also taking advantage of pent-up demand to drive growth and generate untapped revenue in a channel that has been under-optimised for years.

Conor O'Sullivan, Chief Product Officer

Why NDC? And why now?

NDC Now: Why now is the most opportune time to take back control of your indirect channel.

A new era of retailing

It’s time to elevate and align the agency offer and retail experience with that of the airline, making that indirect channel as advanced as direct.

NDC accelerates growth opportunities and market reach

NDC allows the airline to utilise the indirect channel as a way of increasing reach in local and new markets.

The need to control indirect (directly) is real

With NDC the airline in is control of what to offer, when, to whom and at what price, rather than historically being with the GDS.

Be on the right side of distribution history

Several airlines have already made great strides to distance themselves from GDSs and it's clear the tide is turning in favour of NDC.

Why Datalex NDC?

Optimised offer and order capabilities architected for the future state of airline retailing - The most complete set of Offer and Order retailing capabilities utilising the latest NDC 21.3 schema version. 

Greater ability for the airline to differentiate via travel agencies with more control over, and more customer centric, offers and pricing. 

Intuitive Agent Portal to provide rich content and powerful search capability to agents.


One connected servicing experience across direct and indirect channels. Future proofed tech modularity, empowering airlines with standalone technology that connects intelligently to others. 

Single merchandising layer for rich content & bundling across channels

Developer Portal to support seller integration.

Full in-house control of agent management with our Airline Assistant tool

High performance and robust AWS infrastructure

Datalex NDC Product Suite

Datalex NDC provides a comprehensive, future focused and market leading offer for airlines to revolutionise their indirect channel and transform the airline / agency relationship. The Datalex NDC product includes:


The robust Datalex NDC API is underpinned by our extensive, market-leading Order Management System which is architected for the future of airline retailing.

Airline Assistant

Control your airline distribution strategy by managing all travel agents in-house.

Agent Portal

Boost your airlines' bookings at an agency level.

Information Portal

Get instant access to all NDC technical documentation and guidance.

Airline Assistant

Airlines can easily manage all NDC connected travel agents in-house and have complete control of their distribution with Datalex’s Airline Assistant. Agency connections no longer need to be passive because NDC allows airlines to control their distribution strategies by managing all travel agents in-house. 

Airline personnel or partner managers from an airline can easily add or remove agencies with the powerful agency search and the following other capabilities:

Onboard travel agencies at scale and generate traffic immediately

Secure authentication and access for agents and agencies

Manage any promotions and corporate discounts for these agencies

Manage, control and configure agencies in-house

Agent Portal

Complimentary to the Datalex NDC product, the Agent Portal ensures that airlines capture the agencies who wish to engage with them for NDC distribution but do not have the technical capacity or funding to write their own UI for shopping, booking and order management.  

Agents have access to the following capabilities through the Agent Portal:  

  • Flight search 
  • Shop and book orders
  • Add ancillaries
  • Enter passenger data
  • Payment
  • Search for any orders

Information Portal

Datalex provides guidance and NDC technical documentation on the Datalex Information Portal. 

What exactly can you find on the Datalex Information Portal?

Integration Guides

Provides all web services, integration guides and Artifacts necessary for implementation

Workflow Overview

Extensive list of workflows which includes a concise list of services available, their purposes & how those services are used in a flow

Developer Portal Support

Technical documentation to build your own custom NDC Developer Portal can be requested

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