Control and Accelerate Airline Retailing with The Digital Configurator 

The Digital Configurator is a fast and sophisticated, cloud-based business rules management system for airline business users with unrivalled flexibility and ease of use. It integrates with all of the Datalex product portfolio and it enables airlines to control and quickly change their ancillary and pricing strategy in response to customer demand, personas, competition, external and other changing market demands or factors.

With a core focus on simplicity and speed, it allows an airline's business and marketing teams to bring their business changes to production without involving technical IT teams, thus realising significant savings in time and cost.

In today’s post-COVID environment, airlines need greater control of the offer, the ability to react quickly to market changes and drive efficiencies wherever possible. The Digital Configurator was created to do just that.

Sean Corkery
CEO, Datalex

Taking control

Cost & time efficiencies

Remove data overhead by significantly reducing costs and time to make business data changes in production

Agility & flexibility to react fast

React quickly to changing market demands, customer demands and competition

Control the offer across the retailing lifecycle

Adapt the offer throughout the customer lifecycle to upsell and increase revenue

Apply tactical pricing

Easily update, test and deploy pricing changes and upsell offers across any channel, without IT dependency

How it Works     

Through a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard, the Digital Configurator provides full control to the airline of the rule data needed to manage fare brands, ancillary products and user access. Airline business users can view and manage products and services, along with configuring rich content.

Usability and speed are ensured with a slick interface and minimum ‘clicks’ required to complete a business rule configuration.

Security is ensured with Test, Preview and Approval steps before publishing to production. The security aspects of the cloud based Digital configurator allow for the appropriate audit measures.

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Benefits of The Digital Configurator

Retail Control

Intuitive and easy to use interface for airline business users

Greater flexibility and retail control across all Datalex products

Business users can easily make configurations without IT intervention


Publish ancillary changes in near real-time 

React fast to market changes, competition and customer demands

Minimum 'clicks' required to complete a business rule configuration

Accelerate COVID-19 responses


Testing and approval steps before publishing

Different admin rights according to role and seniority level

Capturing Audit trails

Training provided by Datalex to ensure efficient use of the tool

Cost Efficiencies

Cost to configure data on production environment can be reduced significantly


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