Differentiate with Dynamically Determined and Optimised Offers

With Datalex Dynamic, airlines can create irresistible, dynamically determined offers that just can’t be left behind. We power sophisticated offer optimisation capabilities, allowing airlines to build customer-centric, contextualised, and relevant offers for air and non-air products that gives each unique offer the best chance of winning market share of your customers’ wallet.


In this video Datalex Dynamic product manager Fred van Toorn explains how airlines can take control by managing offers, products, and pricing strategies through Datalex Dynamic.

Key Differentiators and Benefits of Datalex Dynamic

Datalex Dynamic is much more than an offer management standard, it is a dynamic offer optimisation tool. It enables airlines to differentiate their overall customer proposition, as this tool ensures that each offer has the optimal chance of winning market share of the customer’s wallet.  

Optimised Offers

Customers no longer have the patience to go searching for the right offer, with Datalex Dynamic airlines can bring products to the customer and surface the right offer in real time that is unique and relevant to them.

Flexible Retailing

Enables a flexible digital retailing solution based on a non-restrictive architecture which is highly configurable and allows airlines to react to current market events quickly and accurately.

Dynamically Displayed

The right offer opens up the customer wallet because their preferences and market conditions are aligned and dynamically displayed to them in real time.

Real-Time Pricing

Unrivalled offer control and ultra-flexibility to quickly adapt pricing to super-fast moving demand trends via the Digital Configurator. 


True omni-channel provider

Personalised offers distributed across all channels —the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time, at the right price and through the right channel.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

A futureproofed and high performance product in AWS hosted infrastructure, with unparalleled PSS agnostic functionality and connectivity.

Unparalleled Content sourcing

Unparalleled offer sources available for all fare types - whether it's ATPCO sourced or an alternative fare source -  delivered accurately and in real-time.

Independent Provider

Removes the constraints imposed by the legacy airline PSS or GDS. With a flexible integration layer, Datalex Dynamic can integrate into any traditional PSS or GDS as required.


Provide meaningful and contextually relevant personalisation.

Become the experience-based airline retailer that today’s travellers trust with the feature-rich Persona engine.


Real-Time Retail Control

Datalex Dynamic leverages the Digital Configurator which provides full retail control to the airline to configure pricing rule data for fare brands, ancillary products and services. Airline business users can easily and quickly apply dynamic pricing and product determination rules to airfares and ancillaries, without the need for IT intervention.

Dynamic Bundling

Dynamic bundling is an essential next step to ensure that airlines move away from legacy technology and embrace the future of dynamic bundling that will ultimately drive greater revenues. In this whitepaper, we go 'beyond bundling' as airlines understand it today, helping airlines to see the true untapped opportunities that await them with transformative technologies like dynamic bundling, coupled with an innovative mindset shift.

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