Take control of your offers

Datalex Dynamic enables airlines to dynamically create contextualised and personalised offers that are more relevant and appealing to the end customer. It allows airlines to create the right offer, at the right time, through the right channel, at the right price, to drive and maximise revenue optimisation and customer loyalty.

Real-Time Retail Control

Datalex Dynamic leverages the Digital Configurator which provides full retail control to the airline to configure pricing rule data for fare brands, ancillary products and services. Airline business users can easily and quickly apply dynamic pricing and product determination rules to airfares and ancillaries, without the need for IT intervention.


A rich and
flexible solution

A rich and flexible Dynamic Offers product which is fully configurable to the business needs of an airline, based on smart and adaptable business rules and algorithms for dynamic product and price determination.

Elimination of legacy platform constraints

A fit for purpose airline e-commerce retailing system that removes the constraints imposed by legacy airline distribution systems enabling you to explore and benefit from a whole new retailing opportunity.

TAKE BACK control of your offers and distribution 

Multi-channel enablement making an airline’s product offering consistent across all direct distribution channels, driving dynamically-created contextual merchandising to ensure brand loyalty.

Satisfy the consumer
‘Me’ focus

An angle that is achieved by positioning relevant offers throughout the customer’s full journey cycle from pre to post travel.


Drive ancillary sales through personalised delivery of offers at regular touchpoints during the shopping and booking flow.

Take control

Datalex Dynamic product manager Fred van Toorn explains in the video below how to take control by managing offer and price strategy through the Datalex Dynamic product.

This is how it works

The construction of a Dynamic Offer comprises two main components.

Product Determination  

Determine which product, or in most cases which combination or bundle of products, to offer for a specific request.  

Dynamic Pricing 

Dynamically determine the price at which the product or bundle of products should be offered for a specific request. 

Datalex Offer Management
Datalex Order Management
Dynamic Offers
Revenue Optimisation
Dynamic Pricing
Datalex Order Management
Datalex Order Management
Product Determination
Datalex Offer Management
Datalex Order Management
Datalex Order Management
Datalex Order Management
Datalex Order Management
Datalex Order Management
Datalex Order Management
Datalex Offer Management
Datalex Offer Management
Datalex Offer Management

The combination of Product Determination and Dynamic Pricing will construct the offer.

Datalex Persona

Provide meaningful and contextually relevant personalisation.

Become the experience-based airline retailer that today’s travellers trust with the feature-rich Datalex Persona engine.

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Datalex Dynamic consists of a comprehensive set of dynamic offer capabilities that airlines can pick and choose according to their business needs.  

Dynamic Fare Families

The Datalex Digital Commerce Platform provides airlines with a variety of options to create a Fare Family, map a Fare Family name and associate Fare Family attributes to an offer.

ATPCO Branded Fares

For airlines’ filing fare brands or Fare Families in ATPCO, the automated ATPCO feed can be used to map the fare brand to each offer and the associated attributes as filed in ATPCO Optional Services.

Datalex Configured Fare Families

Airlines can configure their own Fare Families and associated attributes, allowing for the use of a comprehensive and flexible set of parameters to map a Fare Family and associate its attributes.

3rd Party Fare Families

For airlines using a 3rd party system to obtain offers, Datalex can retrieve Fare Families and attributes from the 3rd party system and complement these with additional attributes defined and configured in the Digital Commerce Platform.

Contextualized and Personalized Fare Family creation

This capability allows for the creation of very specific Fare Families by complementing or replacing existing standard Fare Families. For example, Fare Families for specific Loyalty Program tier members.

Dynamic Fare Family Attributes Determination

Fare Family attributes associated with a specific Fare Family can be dynamically mapped based on criteria set by the airline. E.g. map free lounge access if the customer is a high-tier loyalty member, only map free wifi if the aircraft type of the flight offer is known to have wifi on board, add priority boarding for requests coming through this channel, or include an extra checked bag for this corporate customer.  

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamically adjust the price (as filed in ATPCO) based on criteria set by an airline. E.g., the airline has an agreement with a corporate customer that their employees get an extra bag and an extra legroom seat at a reduced fee. These ancillaries can be added to that specific corporate Fare Family in the most appropriate way.

Dynamic Pricing

Datalex Dynamic includes a Customer Ops Portal - a management UI designed and developed for business users to set up promotions instantly. This business tool enables airlines to react to the market immediately when required and without the need for additional fare filing.

Contextualized and Personalized Offering

Datalex Dynamic includes capabilities for contextualized and personalized offerings via the Datalex Persona service.

Persona and Context Calculation

Through a comprehensive set of sophisticated contexts and persona-weighing business rules, a contextual weighing score is associated with the request and personalized data is obtained.

Offer Optimization

Calculated scores and personalized data are used to return more relevant offers that are more appealing to the customer and more likely to get converted.

Dynamic Offer Pricing

Contextualized and personalized data enables airlines to dynamically adjust the price of an offer.

Dynamic Bundling 

Dynamic Bundling capabilities allow airlines to configure a bundle of (ancillary) products based on a comprehensive set of parameters. These bundles can then be priced dynamically, resulting in a final price that is usually lower than the total of the same products purchased individually.

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